our team

jun (hair)

1997: started the carreer
2008: teaching at a beauty salon academy in japan
2012: joined a premium beauty salon in germany
2015: joined “bleu blau blue”

he was a teacher of a beauty academy in Japan for 4 years, which shows he has deep knowledge about all beauty salon's skills (cut, treatment, colour and digital perm...everything).
he is very friendly and gentle. you will like him. 

language: german, japanese

mai (hair)

2005: started the carreer at M.SLASH/daikanyama(代官山),tokyo
2010: joined a hair salon in london
2011: joined "Hair Salon Socie/tokyo"
2014: boarded "Steiner Costa Victoria/World Cruise Ship" as hair stylist
2015: joined a hair salon in melbourne, australia

2016: joined "bleu blau blue"

she has a perfect background as a stylist working in dusseldorf: earned experience even in two very popular and prestigious hair salons in most fashionable area in tokyo for 8 years, worked in london, melbourne and a gorgeous cruise ship. she is very friendly and charming. you will like her, for sure!

language: english, japanese

chika(eyelash extention)

2011: started the carreer
2014: joined an eyelash salon in tokyo
2016: joined “bleu blau blue”

she did more than 5000 ladies' eyelashes in tokyo. she is a very skilled and experienced eyelist, you can not often see in germany.  she is friendly and kind young lady with an amazing skill set (pls refer to "gallery" in our website). her german is still to be improved but she can communicate in English.

language: english, japanese

yuki (eyelash extension)

2015: joined an eyelash salon in japan
2016: joined “bleu blau blue”

she joined us in october 2016. she left office job and started working in an eyelash extension salon in japan since 2015 before she join us. she is intelligent, fashionable, friendly and cheerful girl. her german is still to be improved but she is fluent in english.

language: english, japanese

shoko (nail/eyelash extention)

2012: joined a nail salon in tokyo
2013: joined "nail eye salon sugne" nail in tokyo
2016: joined “bleu blau blue”

she joined us in june. her speciality is gel-art-nail, which is very beautiful but less stressful for your nail. This techinique is quite prevail in japan and we are sure it will be soon in germany. she is friendly and kind young lady. her german is still to be improved but sufficient for communication, we hope...

language: german, japanese

maika (eyelash extention)

2007: started her career as eyelash technician in Tokyo
2009: joined a beauty salon in London
2011: joined a Japanese eyelash salon in Shanghai2013: worked as eyelash technician in Tokyo
2017: joined "bleu blau blue"

naoko enjoyed an excellent training as eyelash technician at a prestigious salon in tokyo. the following years she was working at a high-class eyelash salon in London, regularly serving famous clients from the design and model sector. later she moved to shanghai, where she played a major role in establishing a Japanese eyelash brand in china. naoko is an expert in all aspects of eyelash extensions and can help you find your very own style! She is very kind and charming, you are in best hands with her.

language: english, japanese

sakura (nail & foot massage)

2004: started the nail career in Japan tokyo.
2012: started the massage career in Japan tokyo.
2016: joined "bleu blau blue".

she is a very experienced manicurist and masseuse (Lymphdrainage*).
her german is still to be improved but she can communicate in English.
language: english, japanese

* Das ist die geeignete Massage zur Behandlung lymphostatischer Ödeme, die sich durch ungenügende Transportkapazität der Lymphgefäße bei normaler lymphpflichtiger Last kennzeichnen.